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In-Home Dog and Puppy Training

High rise apartments, condos and quaint but small row-houses are ubiquitous in Washington, D.C, which means many dogs don't have much opportunity to run or play till they are pooped. This can contribute to behavioral problems, including certain forms of fear and aggression.

We are a modern, science-based dog training company based on Capitol Hill. We offer private, in-home dog and puppy training to fit your schedule and your needs. Too busy to train? No problem. We can come to your home while you are out and do the training for you!

We offer obedience training, behavior modification, puppy training,  tricks, games, and other mental stimulation, and  and specialize in apartment-dwelling pups who may have difficulties in common spaces.


Our Work

Our goal is to help your dog become a happy, well-mannered citizen of the city. We teach your dog the skills she needs to join you at an outdoor cafe, sit calmly in an elevator, or pass other dogs without lunging.  Maybe you just want to teach some tricks for the fun of it. Awesome! Training is great mental stimulation.

Our Philosophy

We train your dog using positive reinforcement. This means we use the same force-free techniques that marine trainers use to teach dolphins how to jump. We will not use force, or painful equipment, or any form of intimidation. Our goal is to deepen your loving bond.

If your dog is fearful, we will use the power of positive association to teach her that the thing she finds scary is not, in fact, scary and even predicts something good. As your dog's emotional response changes, so will the troublesome behavior.

Our Credentials

Dog training is an unregulated profession with no educational requirements, so it is important to choose your trainer carefully.

Our trainer, Toni Clarke, CTC VSA-CDT, is certified, expert and insured, and the techniques she uses are endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists and The American Society for the Protection of Companion Animals, and are supported by the latest scientific research.

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